Registration Fee

Registration Categories International Domestic
Author USD 300 Rp.2.500.000,00 Rp.1.800.000,00
Author (Student) USD 250 Rp.2.000.000,00 Rp.1.500.000,00
Listener USD 150 Rp.700.000,00 Rp.500.000,00
Additional Paper USD 250 Rp.1.500.000,00 Rp.1.500.000,00
Additional Page (per page) USD 50 Rp.200.000,00 Rp.200.000,00


  1. The registration fee covers seminar materials, lunch, morning and afternoon teas, attendance of all technical sessions, and publication.
  2. One regular registration can cover a paper within 8 (eight) pages, including all figures, tables, and references.
  3. The registration fee covers one participant only. Multiple authors who are attending must register separately, and those who are not presenting should register as a listener.
  4. Payments are nonrefundable.
  5. Payments cannot be made in cash; they must be via e-billing or credit card.
  6. Participants are responsible for transfer fees and bank charges.
  7. At least one author for each accepted paper must register.
  8. Participants are charged based on their institution/affiliation not the nationality of the first author.
  9. If you have any questions about the registration fee. You can contact us by email here.